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Help With Child Support Matters

Child support is always a sensitive and contentious issue. It is important to focus on the reality that both parents owe their children support. South Carolina, like most states, employs statutory guidelines to help families and courts develop reasonable support payments.

At McManaway Law, LLC, I understand the emotional and financial challenges that people face with children after their divorce. I have worked with many families during this process and can help you understand what the child support guidelines are and how they function in relation to their divorce.

Modification Of Support Obligations

Life often produces changes. You or your child's other parent may experience job changes. Your child's needs may change. So, it may be necessary to contact a lawyer and seek a modification of your child support obligation.

These changes are permitted, but you must provide significant evidence of a "substantial change in circumstances." If the guideline calculation indicates there should be an increase, a judge may order that.

For reductions, the calculator would need to show at least a 20 percent decrease. It is important to have an attorney work with you on these issues, as you want your evidence couched in the most compelling manner possible to convince a judge that your change is valid.

Falling Behind On Your Child Support Payments?

If you are obligated to make child support payments and you are falling behind, you need to speak with me immediately. Child support obligations cannot be modified informally, they cannot be discharged in a bankruptcy, and failure to keep up to date can cost you your driver's license and have other damaging effect on your life. The arrears do not go away, so quick action is necessary.

Enforcement Of Child Support Payments

If you experience problems and your child's other parent is not making support payments on time, you may need to obtain an order to enforce the payments. I can help you with this filing. It is important to work these matters out in court, to ensure your rights and those of your children are protected.

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