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Dealing The Trauma Of An Animal Or Dog Bites

People often underestimate the damage a dog bite or other animal attack can cause. A lawsuit involving a dog bite is not about some small "nip" leaving a minor injury. Dog bite cases typically involve serious injury to the person bitten. In many cases, the victim is a child, as they may believe all dogs are friendly, and their face is often within easy range of a dog.

At McManaway Law, LLC, I can help. I'm attorney Karen McManaway, and I'm a zealous advocate for my clients who have suffered a dog bite. The injuries can range from severe damage to the face and neck, leaving you disfigured and requiring significant reconstructive surgery to those where the physical injury may be less severe, but especially in children, a dog attack can leave the child with a lifelong fear of dogs and other psychological issues. In extreme cases, a dog attack may end in a wrongful death.

Dogs Do Not Get "One Bite"

Unlike some states, in South Carolina, a dog does not get "one free bite." A dog owner or the person with their care and custody may be held liable for damage and injuries if a dog attacks. There are some restrictions, including trespass or provocation. But if you are lawfully on the property and are bitten in an unprovoked attack, the owner is strictly liable for your injuries.

Will The Insurance Company Pay?

As with many personal injuries, your compensation is likely to come from an insurance company. And this is why you need an attorney. No matter how valid your claims, you may have difficulties obtaining compensation from any insurance company. I have more than a decade of experience working with these types of claims, and I know the types of tactics that insurers employ to reduce or minimize payments.

Time Limits

With any traumatic injury, it can be difficult to focus on anything beyond your physical recovery. You may not realize that legal claims like this have deadlines, known as statutes of limitation that can prevent you from receiving any compensation once that deadline is passed.

Never accept a payment from an insurance company before you have consulted with an attorney who handles cases involving animal and dog bites. I can help you with the process, and work to see that your claim is filed in time and that it encompasses the full range of injuries you have suffered.

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