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Motorcycle Accidents

Riding a motorcycle can be fun and exhilarating, and there are many great drives and road trips in South Carolina or in the nearby mountains. But all trips on your bike carry the risk of a potentially serious motorcycle accident every time. No matter how careful or cautious you may be, you cannot control the behavior of other drivers.

Serious Consequences From Motorcycle Crashes

A "minor" collision with a bike is anything but minor. With none of the protective safety equipment possessed by cars and trucks, there is little between you and the road, guardrail or other vehicle beyond your jacket and pants. For survivors, there may be long-term rehabilitation, multiple surgeries, and other significant and expensive medical treatment. In the worst cases, the motorcycle crash is a fatal accident.

At McManaway Law, LLC, I can help. I'm attorney Karen McManaway, and a large focus of my practice is for clients who have suffered severe injuries in personal injury cases involving motorcycle crashes.

Motorcycles Are Difficult To See

Their small size means other drivers are less likely to see a motorcycle, and they often misjudge their speed if they do see them. This is no excuse, and the negligence is no less when a driver makes a left turn in front of a cycle or pulls out from a side street or parking lot. Insurance companies may try to deny your valid claim for damages, and I can help as your lawyer to ensure they cannot trick you into accepting an inadequate settlement.

Remember, never settle a case involving significant injuries without consulting an attorney first. Insurance companies may try to rush a settlement with a low number, or delay and make excuses for not paying a claim as they hope to run out the clock on when you can file a lawsuit. I have more than a decade of working for injured clients, and I know how to ensure your claim is protected, that you receive maximum compensation and deadlines are not missed.

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