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The Risk Of A Slip & Fall

Pratfalls are often used for comic relief. If you fall in a store, restaurant or parking lot, the consequences of that fall may be anything but funny. Cases involving premises liability, or slip and falls, can result in serious injuries, including head and back injury.

These can be difficult and complex cases, and it is essential that you gather as much evidence as soon as possible and work with an experienced attorney. At McManaway Law, LLC, I work to obtain the compensation my clients need after they have suffered serious injuries due to someone's negligence.

South Carolina Premises Liability Law

South Carolina law requires that places of business provide safe conditions for their customers and visitors. When a store leaves a wet spill on a floor, or pallets in aisles, or a parking lot is poorly maintained with potholes, broken curbs or ineffective lighting, injuries are inevitable.

The challenging part is often gathering the evidence necessary to prove the negligence. Take pictures of the accident scene if you are able to and get the names of any witnesses. If possible, report the incident immediately to employees or a manager. The better you record all relevant elements of your fall, the more likely a viable case for compensation.

See A Doctor

Injuries suffered in a fall can be deceptive. We are often embarrassed and may try to brush off the incident as "nothing." You may hit your head and think you are okay, and the bump you received was not a real head injury. Concussions and traumatic brain injuries can lead to very serious conditions, and you should have a through medical exam to ensure that you are really uninjured.

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