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Trucking Accidents Can Be Terrifying

Truck accidents are different. Trucks are much larger and carry more mass. When a semitruck strikes a passenger vehicle, the consequences are often severe for the occupants of the smaller vehicle.

Trucking accidents, like many crashes, are not really accidents. They're negligence. When trucks are driven under the influence of alcohol, drugs, driver fatigue, too fast or when overloaded trucks lose control, crashes happen, and innocent drivers are injured or killed.

I Can Help With Your Case

McManaway Law, LLC, helps you when you have been hurt in these crashes. Trucking companies have investigators who respond to crashes and use teams of attorneys to protect their interests. As your attorney, I have experience with these cases, and can protect your rights and work to maximize your compensation for your injuries.

Level The Playing Field

After a truck accident, trucking company personnel quickly converge on the scene to gather evidence for their defense. I match the immediacy of their response. I measure and photograph the scene of the accident to preserve such crucial evidence as skid marks and vehicle positioning. I talk to witnesses while their memories are fresh. I also take notice of any special circumstances that would indicate whether driver intoxication or fatigue, improper truck loading or mechanical failure played a role in the collision.

Important Elements Of Your Case

To obtain compensation for a truck accident claim, you must prove that your injuries stem from another driver's negligence. When necessary, I work with engineers, accident reconstruction analysts and other automotive experts. To demonstrate the extent and effect of your injuries, doctors and medical experts help the jurors understand how your injuries will change your life, and of the accident and resulting injuries.

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When you hire me your lawyer, I take your truck accident case on a contingency fee basis, so you pay no legal fees until you receive compensation. To schedule a free consultation, call 864-283-6040 or contact my Greenville office online.

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